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A Viking Queen's Legacy

Meet the Cast of Characters in A Viking Queen's Legacy

Get to know the characters in a Viking Queen's Legacy by downloading your copy of the official "Cast of Characters"

Aud is a beautiful, intelligent, and ambitious young woman with grand plans for her future. Accepting marriage to the charismatic warrior, the King of Duhblinn, will open doors to untold opportunities, but is it enough to fulfill her intense desire for knowledge? Aud’s courage and passion lead her down a troubling path where she must confront her pagan beliefs in the face of the new Christian principles and a particularly tempting young, red-headed priest. How far is Aud willing to go to secure the legacy for her family that she’s always dreamed of?


Set in the ninth century, the tale of Aud the Deep-Minded draws on the Icelandic sagas, especially the Landnámabók or Book of Settlements, for its character inspiration and timeline. While Icelanders treasure the story of Aud the Deep-Minded and are inspired by her feats, her story is not well known outside the country. Alfreða delivers this Viking Queen’s legacy of love, adventure, and thirst for knowledge to a brand new audience hungry for tales of inspiring women in history.  

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Bringing the Icelandic Sagas to Life Through the Lens of Women

Alfreða Jonsdottir is a master at bringing the obscure lives of women in history into focus with her riveting historical fiction novels. Her first novel, Melkorka: The Thrall Prinsessa’s Saga, told the tale of an Irish Princess, Mæl Curcaig (better known as Melkorka). In her second novel, Alfreða tells the story of the renowned Celtic-Viking Queen, Aud the Deep-Minded. 


Aud the Deep-Minded is an actual figure from history, immortalized in the Icelandic sagas written in the early 12th and 13th centuries in Iceland. A Viking Queen’s Legacy gives us a peek into the daily lives of the Northmen in their struggle to expand their territory, wealth, and power through the lens of an ambitious woman in the middle of it all. Can Aud acquire the wealth, power, and family legacy she craves while surviving betrayal, dynastic struggles, and heartbreak? Read the book to find out!

What Readers Are Saying:

"When a book invokes emotional responses as this did for me then I am indebted to the author for giving us such a beautiful gift! I was quite surprised at times to wipe tears from my eyes, to feel my own heart swell with love, and all that this marvellous book gave me. Our ancestors would be very proud to know their legacy lives on and they are not forgotten. I do hope Alfreða writes more, and more just like this which took me back in time, to far away places as if I was right beside them. Thank you for this wonderful read!"
- Susie J Folmer on Goodreads

"Viking Queen’s Legacy was a nice surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the characters. It reminded me of Game of Thrones but also had respect for God and our Christian faith. It was well written with a great plot. 5 stars!"

- Rosemary Mishrell on Goodreads

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