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Alfreða Jonsdottir

An author telling stories of inspiring women in history.


Released November 2022

Prophetic Dreams: A Curse or a Legacy is set in 10th Century pagan Iceland. The main character in the novel is Gudrun Osvifsdottir, a woman who struggles with recurring dreams. Pagans believed that dreams held important significance and sought to have their dreams translated by seers. Gudrun is a prominent character in the Icelandic Saga, Laxdæla Saga, alongside the heroines of Alfreða's other two books: Aud the Deep-Minded (A Viking Queen's Legacy) and Melkorka: The Thrall Princessa's Saga.

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Other Books by Alfreða Jonsdottir

Author Alfreða Jonsdottir is a master at bringing the obscure lives of women in history into focus with her riveting historical fiction novels.

Book cover for A Viking Queen's Legacy by Alfreða Jonsdottir

A Viking Queen's Legacy

Aud the Deep-Minded is an actual figure from history, immortalized in the Icelandic sagas written in the early 12th and 13th centuries in Iceland. A Viking Queen’s Legacy gives us a peek into the daily lives of the Northmen in their struggle to expand their territory, wealth, and power through the lens of an ambitious woman in the middle of it all. Can Aud acquire the wealth, power, and family legacy she craves while surviving betrayal, dynastic struggles, and heartbreak? Read the book to find out!

Book Cover for Melkorka by Alfreða Jonsdottir

Melkorka: The Thrall Prinsessa's Saga

Melkorka: The Thrall Prinsessa’s Saga is Alfreða’s first novel, telling the tale of the historical figure: the Irish Princess, Mæl Curcaig. Melkorka was a real person whose story is documented in the Laxdæla Saga and in Landnámabók or the Icelandic Book of Settlements. While we know some facts of her life, the depth of her motivation and resistance has not been explored until now. What could drive a steadfast soul to break her vow of silence? Read the book to find out!

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About Alfreða

Alfreða Jonsdottir began writing books because she wanted her granddaughters to learn about some extraordinary and inspiring women in the Icelandic Sagas. What started as short stories for her family soon expanded into full novels, giving ambitious and intelligent characters such as Aud the Deep-Minded, Irish Princess Melkorka, and most recently, Gudrun Osvifsdottir the spotlight they deserve. Alfreða’s descriptions of 10th-century Iceland transport her readers to the harsh days of Icelandic settlement, where kinship, loyalty, and ambition were the essential ingredients to survive.

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